Fadi shams
Replynict to know that

careful reading into the outcome of the elections of the 15th session of the Israeli Knesset indicates important changes. It also shows that the reasons for these changes focus on ethnic, economic and personal factors and that the political factor did not play a big role this time because of the similarity of the platforms of the main Zionist parties, especially their respective position regarding the current peace process.
Contrary to the wishful thinking of the supporters of the peace process, the new map as drawn by the Knesset and the coming Israeli government will not have a strong positive effect on the process.

about the palestine
what are the government can do in the
meeting with u.s.a and israel , and what can they say to palestinian people .....after the meeting which are waited by the palestinian, who are they decided abo_mazen or the people whom had lost there's son's ? that is prevent the palestinian people to thought about the jareusalem any things which be able best other last time...that may be save us without put up with any person who try to give the palistinan people impitaion about the freedom which they are wait .